Tanket is an Australian Owned company that manufactures above ground portable and underground concrete water tanks and storage solutions. Tanket is a newly formed company as a result of not being able to source what I, Jon Neilsen, the director of the company required on a recent building project. We have “gone outside the square” and with Tanket, the possibilities for water storage are endless. At Tanket, we saw that there was a demand for larger water storage tanks, at a competitive price, but not always was the space available to store and harvest 5,000 to 30,000 litres of precious rain water above the ground. That is where a solution was needed, that is how TANKET was created, an underground water storage solution for the average domestic dwelling at a competitive price, out of site and out of mind. Tanket can supply enough water to run your whole home and irrigation so that water never becomes that issue that changes the way we live day to day.

Stay home and wash the car, hose down that dirty path or driveway, put in the vegetable garden you always wanted, and go back to the original soft green lawn that finished off the front yard, turn that house back into a home with a TANKET, don’t worry about water restrictions again, not to mention the increasing cost of purchasing water from reservoirs.

More than “just a tank”

Underground water tank

At Tanket not only do we offer a supply only service, we also have a number of teams of qualified installers to fully complete the Tanket installation for you.

We offer an on site advisory service to make sure that you, the customer, achieves the best solution to all your water storage needs. Issues that previously arose are now a thing of the past with Tanket. Tanket is a preferred reseller of the Davey pumping systems and the Davey RainBank system.

Ever wondered about underground water storage, YES YOU CAN WITH TANKET. Why not utilise all that precious space under the driveway or even under your front lawn or back garden.

Yes you can with Tanket!

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